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Pressure Washing (Power Washing)
            Clarks offers a pressure washing service to its clients that is very affective and affordable.  Cleaning the inside of your home is not the only step that should be taken to keep it looking new.  Mold and Mildew can begin to build up on your vinyl siding and brick.  This nasty green & black look can be hard to remove if left for long periods of time. The sun will begin to oxidize the stains into the paint. 
Siding and Gutters
           Clarks Cleaners use pressure washers that can maintain 3000 PSI.  This is the suggested pressure  to clean vinyl siding and brick.  We also broadcasts outdoor bleach to break down dirt and mildew.  This bleach is plant friendly and will not kill your foliage.  A soft scrub brush is used to go over your siding and gutters once the bleach is applied.  With our pressure washers powerful two story reach your entire home can be cleaned from the ground level. 
Concrete (aggregate)
      Clarks can also power wash your sidewalks and driveways to help keep them white and attractive. If you have a concrete patio then pressure washing is your answer to remove the mildew and bird droppings. If your driveway has aggregate concrete we can clean and seal the driveway so that it keeps that wet look.
Wood Decks & Fences
     Wood decks and fences should also be pressure washed and brightened to remove the gray appearance they gain after sun exposure and winter weather. After they are returned to their original appearance we spray or roll a weather proofing stain on to protect them from the outdoor environment.
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