Clarks Cleaners - "When Clean Matters"
Air Duct Cleaning Service.

  Clarks Cleaners is proud to offer Air Duct Cleaning to our service line.  Over time your HVAC system can have allergens and moisture build up in the duct work.  This can cause odors, mold and mildew to grow in your system.  Air passes over this build up and circulates it through out your home.

Clarks Cleaners uses a unique compressed air cleaning system to remove all the build up from your HVAC system.   Compressed air pushes the buildup to our vent caps and we remove it with a high suction vacuum. 

Clarks Cleaners inspects your vents with a snake camera to be sure all the build us has been removed.

The last step is to blow a disinfectant with a UV fogger through the clean vents. This will kill any bacteria that has grown in your system and remove odors. 

Take a look at the video above to see just how our system works.  The great thing about compressed air cleaning is there are no brushes.  The brushes can damage your vents causing leaks in your craw space or basement.  These leaks can drastically change the temp in your home and make your electric bill go up. 

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